T-Mobile USA ‘Unlimited Any Mobile’ Plan Arrives On April 4th?

The fourth largest carrier in the US, T-Mobile, may have a new plan on the horizon to entice customers this year. According to a purported leaked T-Mobile document obtained by TmoNews, the pink carrier will begin to offer an unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling add-on for just $10 a month, beginning on April 4. Check out an excerpt from the purportedly leaked document below:

“Beginning April 4th, T-Mobile will offer Unlimited Any Mobile, a $10 per month subscriber-level feature that includes unlimited calling to any domestic mobile number, including Puerto Rico, regardless of carrier.”

T-Mobile ‘Unlimited Any Mobile’ Add-On

Given that T-Mobile suggests close to 80 percent of calls made are to other mobile numbers, the $10 add-on will without a doubt appeal to just about everyone.

The good news is that because this is just an add-on, you won’t need to signup for a new contract. Currently Sprint and AT&T have similar deals as well.

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