iPhone 5 May Join Samsung Galaxy S3 With Ceramic Body [Report]

A few weeks ago during MWC 2012, reports came in that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would feature a unique ceramic shell. The source (BGR) gave a handful of other details such as new display technology and faster processor, however its rear shell was what sounded most interesting.

iPhone 5 may follow Samsung Galaxy S3 with ceramic rear shell

Given that the current Samsung Galaxy S2 is arguably the best Android smartphone on the market, the biggest criticism it drew was with its plastic body that just didn’t feel as sturdy and high-end as its biggest rival, the iPhone 4S.

With the latest generation of smartphones now boasting unique materials (e.g. Motorola DROID RAZR with its special rear coating similar to Kevlar), it only makes sense that flagship models bring something other than boring plastic and metal to the table.

Now the latest report from iLounge claims that the Apple is experimenting with both ceramic and glass for the iPhone 5 shell instead of returning to metal and plastic we found in the original iPhone and 3GS. The source adds that it may go with ceramic for the rear plate just like the Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to, or it may stick with glass but feature the new Corning Gorilla Glass technology which is much more durable and less prone to shatter than the current iPhone.

Hit the source for the full report by iLounge.


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