iPad 3 Upgrades May Not Sound Impressive But Enough To Retain Lead

The Apple iPad 3 will be announced in less than 24 hours at a special Apple event in San Francisco. Currently the king of tablet market with reports suggesting it is responsible for nearly 75 percent of tablet sales, the next-generation Apple tablet may not have to impress us all that much in order to retain its title.

iPad 3 upgrades may not be revolutionary but it’s a winner already

According to sources, the iPad 3 will bring a higher resolution display, faster processor (may be quad-core), and 4G LTE capability. Company watchers expect the new device to have the same basic size and weight as last year’s model so we don’t expect similar hype as when the iPad 2 was unveiled and turned out to be much more slimmer than its predecessor. And with a camera already on board the iPad 2, an improved camera sensor would be as much as the iPad 3 can boast in that respect.

As Physorg.com points out, “in this respect, Apple is playing catch-up. Some competitors, such as Samsung and Motorola, already sell LTE-compatible tablets”, and we’ve already seen a bunch of tablet with HD resolutions announced at MWC 2012 (e.g. ASUS’s quad-core Android tablet).

However as we mentioned in the start, these modest upgrades will be enough for Apple to retain its lead in the tablet market. With a highly competitive $499 base price tag and an App Store with a solid reputation, Android tablets will have their work cut out for them once again this year.

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