How Much Is Your Used iPad 2 Worth

With the iPad 3 launching on March 7th and expected to be on shelves within the month, many iPad 2 users may be considering to upgrade to the latest generation tablet.

How much is your used iPad 2 worth?

Nothing much is known about the iPad 3 however word on the street suggests that it will boast a higher resolution display and faster processor. So if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and want to unload your iPad 2 already, the good news is that you can still get a somewhat decent price for it. NextWorth for one is currently providing the following trade-in prices for iPad 2 units in good condition:

iPad 2 16 GB Wi-Fi – $260; iPad 2 32 GB Wi-Fi – $294; iPad 2 64 GB Wi-Fi – $328; iPad 2 16 GB Wi-Fi + AT&T 3G – $308; iPad 2 32 GB Wi-Fi + AT&T 3G – $335; and the iPad 2 64 GB Wi-Fi + AT&T 3G – $396

NextWorth will reportedly be partnering with Target to allow for in-store trade-ins.

eBay too has some good prices with the current average suggesting $260 for the base 16 GB Wi-Fi only model. However do take note that we saw similar prices last year with the original iPad when the iPad 2 was about to launch. These prices then plummeted the moment the iPad 2 launched so expect the same thing to happen after March 7th.

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