iPad 3 & The 3 Things Apple Hid Inside The Official Invite

Earlier this week, Apple sent out an official invitation for the unveiling of the iPad 3 (2S, HD?). The invite showed what is believed to be the iPad 3 and confirmed the March 7th date.

Official iPad 3 invitation hints many things

While the invite didn’t say much else, the blogosphere has since turned up various possible clues Apple hid in the invitation. Here are the 5 most talked about clues:

No Home Button – If you look at the bottom bezel of the iPad 3 on the invitation, the Home button is nowhere to be seen. Now before you suggest that this may be because it is in landscape mode, the water droplet groupings in the background wallpaper are in the wrong place. And if you think it is because the iPad 2 may be upside down in portrait mode instead, then the front-facing camera appears to be missing instead.

Retina Display – While Apple didn’t state that the iPad 2 has a high-resolution display, as Gizmodo points out the screen resolution appears to be much sharper than a regular iPad. Furthermore the teaser text in the invite emphasizes that they have something you really “have to see”.

Touch – Following on with the teaser text, Apple also emphasizes the word “Touch”. As we’ve seen in the past when it comes to Apple invitations, anything that seems out of place is usually deliberate. In this case, touch could refer to anything from haptic feedback (no home button suggests possibly employing capacitive buttons in the bezel edges) or even possibly NFC.

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