Verizon DROID Fighter Leaked, Set For April Launch?

We know that both Motorola and HTC stated that they expected to release fewer Android smartphones this year. However with Motorola already rolling out 3 variants of the Motorola DROID RAZR alongside the DROID 4, and HTC rumors suggesting multiple devices including the Endeavor, Ville and a couple of other MWC bound smartphones, this is not going to be a slow quarter by any means. Now the latest leak comes way of a Verizon Workshop screenshot and hints a new device called the DROID Fighter.

Verizon DROID Fighter leaked (upcoming Verizon phones)

Could this be the HTC Endeavor or will it go with the more popular DROID Incredible 3 name as rumors suggest? Or maybe it is a Samsung device (remember the DROID Charge?)… but we wouldn’t bet on it as the Galaxy brand name has become popular enough that Samsung would not likely ditch it for Lucas Art’s DROID branding. Whatever it is, with a name like DROID Fighter, it is certainly going to garner up attention from more than just Star Wars fans.

Also noted in the leaked screenshot is another device called the LG Cayman. Nothing is known about this device either other than that its workshop is scheduled near the DROID Fighter and both devices may end up launching in April.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.