AT&T iPhone 5 Summer Release Date Schedule Not Ideal For Users

With the iPhone 4S breaking sales records despite releasing later than expected and the initial disappointment when it was revealed that it shared the same design stylings as the iPhone 4, all eyes are now on Apple to again surprise us with what it has planned for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 summer release date may not be ideal for many AT&T users

As PlanetInsane points out, “several sources as of the moment are quite certain that the iPhone 5 will be released by June.” While this sounds like good news versus the fall release date cycle that many are hinting given the path the iPhone 4S took, it may not be ideal for AT&T users.

Given that AT&T policy states that users of the iPhone are entitled to an upgrade pricing after 12 or 18 months since their last purchase of the phone, those who upgraded to the iPhone 4S in October are technically not eligible to upgrade to iPhone 5 when it releases (unless they don’t mind paying overage fees ranging anywhere between $200 and $300).

As for Verizon users however, this may not be a big deal as their eligibility is based on 20 months so they never became accustomed to upgrading to the latest iPhone every year as Apple rolled them out.

Of course, Apple may have taken this into consideration and may in fact save the launch for October knowing that many more AT&T users would be eligible then and it would be closer to the holidays where they may be able to break more sales records as was the case with the iPhone 4S.

What do you think Apple would do? Sound off in the comments below.

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