Apple iPad 3 Release Date To Coincide With International Store Launches?

While rumors of Apple holding a special media event on March 7 to unveil the iPad 3 have been floating around for quite some time now, a release date for when it is expected to land on store shelves is still open to speculation.

iPad 3 release date somewhere around mid-March?

Now the folks over at TFTS have hinted that we may see the iPad 3 launch sometime in mid-March, basing it on the introduction of two new Apple Stores. The first is expected to open in Amsterdam on March 3, the first Apple Store in the country. The second is in Harrod’s in London, sometime around mid-March.

Now while the opening of these international Apple Stores does not necessarily signify that the iPad 3 will need to launch simultaneously, TFTS points out that Apple would obviously wants these two stores to be opened in time for the launch.

Last year when the iPad 2 released, it hit the US first followed by international locations 2 weeks later. So if we’re looking at a mid-March date for when the Apple Stores are opened, then the iPad 3 may roll out in international locations sometime in the end of March. This would basically mean that we may be looking at a mid-March date for US stores.

Alas, as with all Apple rumors, we suggest taking these dates with a huge grain of salt.