Saab Auctions Off Rare Trollhattan Museum Display Cars

According to reports, Swedish car brand Saab which recently declared bankruptcy is now in the process of auctioning off its rare models that were on display at the Trollhattan museum.

Bankrupt Saab begins auctioning off 131 rare Saab models from its Trollhattan museum display

The report states that after Saab failed to secure a buyer to purchase the entire collection and keep them together, they have taken to listing the classic cars online in an attempt to dispose of them. The collection is now closed except to serious bidders, with the cars available for online viewing.

According to UPI, bidding for these rare Saab cars ends tomorrow and there are 131 up for grabs starting with the 1946 Ursaab, the first Saab ever made. Also in the collection are new prototypes and famous models like the blue/yellow 1960 racing Saab and the 1981 Turbo 900 “Silver Beast” which was used in James Bond and came “equipped” with bullet-proof windows and tyres, tear-gas ducts and our favourite “SAAB 007″ license plate.

Update: Check out the Darth Vader helmet looking Saab model below which one of our readers sent in and claims is apparently part of the 131 models up for auction until tomorrow.

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