Pokemon: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ending For Wii & DS In May

Players on the Nintendo DS or Wii that has pending items that requires the use of Wi-Fi should finish up their business fast. It appears that Nintendo is disconnecting both consoles from its servers once and for all in May.

Gamers who have been utilizing the fake GTS servers should also act fast as it will also be affected by this shutdown.

The unplugging of the GTS for both Nintendo DS and Wii would mean that players can no longer perform any download/upload from 4th to 5th generation games. However, there is not much to worry about since both the Poke Transporter and Pokebank won’t be affected in any way.

The setback is that all Pokemon games from Diamond/Pearl up until Black2/White2 will no longer be able to go online.

As for Mario Kart, fans of the franchise can also look forward to the upcoming Mario Kart 8. This next sequel will be released on 30th May this year which is not long after the shutdown.

It is unsure to what have caused Nintendo to make this move too soon. It is as if the game developer is pushing its players to get the latest consoles. Whether it has anything to do with the company’s stock tumble is unknown. Nevertheless, it is best to keep a heads up on the situation.

via Nintendo

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