Kingdom Hearts 3 To Mark End Of Xenahort Saga But What About Sora?

Kingdom Hearts 3 might be the conclusion to the entire Kingdom Hearts series but little do the fans know that it won’t be the end of Sora. This highly anticipated title is currently in development and the fans are already looking further ahead in the future.

It appears that the Kingdom Hearts series is only about the feud with Xenahort. This third and final sequel will mark the end of Xenahort’s arc. In other words, there is a possibility for a new arc to rise after Kingdom Hearts 3.

The fans are already discussing about the post-Xenahort era and if there were to be a continuation, many fans felt that Square Enix will stick with Sora. However, there are many others who thought otherwise.

Redditor HuzaifaX is hoping that Riku will be the next protagonist in the future titles. Sora might be the face of the Kingdom Hearts series. Perhaps future series should give other character a chance.

Another fan known as Sea-salt agrees with this. However, the lad would want a totally new face with characters from the current series to make cameos and play brief roles instead.

Regardless of these suggestions, one fan pointed out that Tetsuya Nomura has already confirmed Sora will continue to be the protagonist of the franchise.

Although some fans would want to disagree, they wouldn’t mind playing Sora again and again as they have grew up with the character. It will only fit well if the players can experience a totally mature adult Sora.

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