Bioware: Mass Effect 4 Release Date Will Be Around Christmas 2014 If Not Later

Bioware’s Mass Effect franchise will be expecting a fourth sequel added to its list of games and fans have been on overdrive following its announcement last year. Despite the hype, a release date for Mass Effect 4 is still unannounced.

This is not the case a problem for EuroGamer which revealed that Mass Effect 4 will look to arrive late this year. The website suggest that the release window will be open from the fourth quarter 2014 up until mid 2015.

Such a timeframe was provided by an anonymous Bioware team member. After all, it was 2 years ago when production for Mass Effect 4 started. The anonymous person was later identified as Mike Gamble.

Mass Effect 4 will look to offer players a fresh new storyline centred on a brand new protagonist. There is also a chance for it to have more playable races. The axing of Commander Shepard we have all played and love opens up new possibilities for the highly-popular franchise.

If there is one game that fans are eagerly waiting for, it is Mass Effect 4.

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