GM Finds Kids Want A “Smartphone-Enabled Facebook On Wheels”

When we were young our eyes would light up whenever a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Viper or Camaro would zoom by. So much so that even before we understood the concept of driving a high-performance supercar through urban traffic did we already aim to acquire one.

A General Motors research study finds young generation no longer impressed by performance cars

Now new research conducted by General Motors finds that kids nowadays don’t take performance as priority when selecting what car they want. With 25 percent of the population between 16-24 years old with a combined spending power of one trillion dollars, researchers really wanted to know what these kids wanted. And unfortunately what they found out wasn’t pretty.

Kids were basically after something that was able to get them from point A to point B but also kept them well-connected (socially). Given that kids nowadays used their computers and smartphones as a means of “escape”, the idea of sitting in a car to get away from it all didn’t appeal as much. Hence if they did get behind the wheel, they wanted to remain connected (Pandora Radio, Social media updates like Twitter and Facebook, etc).

So what exact would get the current young generation to open their wallets to GM? Jason Davis of puts it best: what the research basically concludes was that kids wanted a “smartphone-enabled Facebook on wheels.” Now that’s not so difficult to conjure up, is it? Protection Status