Nissan Develops First Self-Healing iPhone Case

For the past seven years, Nissan had been working on a self-healing clearcoat technology they called Scratch Shield. This technology was applied to their vehicles for close to four years now (however none of the Nissan models here in the US utilize it and it is optional for some Infiniti cars) and it now looks set for its first non-automotive application: the Apple iPhone.

Nissan Scratch Shield self-healing iPhone case

Dubbed the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case, this special case is ideal for iPhone owners who not only wish to keep their iPhone scratch free but also their iPhone cases. Now before you bark out why the Scratch Shield is already venturing towards non-automotive applications when other car brands have yet to introduce such a useful feature, it could have to do with its practicality. Given that this special Nissan paint isn’t licensed to popular paint suppliers like DuPont, if you were ever to get into a fender bender, the only options would be to take it back to Nissan for a paint job or replace the part entirely. Trying to cover the paint up with anything other than Scratch Shield would end with ugly results.

Back to the iPhone case, the healing finish is applied to an ABS-plastic case so it protects it from minor swirls and scratches. Nissan also claims that another benefit is that the glossy finish is more comforting to grip.

The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case is still in testing stages and will likely go on sale before the year is up. Let’s hope it comes with some interesting “non-Nissan branded” designs as the iPhone case market is highly competitive as it is.

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