Volvo’s Kangaroo Detection Vehicle Go Wild

Kangaroos are known best for their significant pouch to carry baby kangaroos and boxing-like arms. But, you may not know about this animal’s habit of jumping in front of oncoming vehicles.
Because if this reason, Volvo has taken its initiative to overcome this problem by studying the behaviors of this animal, for the safety of the drivers and also the kangaroos. Volvo has taken into consideration the kangaroos when designing the cars, and kangaroo crash dummies are sued for that purpose.
Volvo is currently working on the sensor calibration and computer response to kangaroo behavior. This is not the only research done by Volvo which is involving animals. Apart from kangaroo, they have done research on moose, reindeer, and cow which are a threat on-roads.
The automaker uses the similar kind of cameras and radar for pedestrian detection at city speeds. Since kangaroo-involving incidents happen in rural highways, Volvo is focusing on using higher speeds. If everything goes well, Volvo aims for zero injury/death by 2020.

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