Top 5 SUVs Of 2014: Who’s In?

2014 has finally come to a close and it was an exciting calendar for car junkies worldwide. This is because 2014 saw many great vehicles getting released. As such, we have decided to name the 5 best SUVs from last year and each of them will be from different segments.

Now, without any further delay, here are the 5 best SUVs from 2014:

1. BMW i3
The i3 belongs in the hybrid/EV category and is without a doubt the best SUV in its class. The i3 is stylish and powerful, even when it is a green vehicle. The car basically offers a combined driving range of 150miles and recharging the battery pack only requires 3.5hours.

2. Dodge Durango
With a muscular body and a powerful rig, the Durango is simply the best large SUV in the world right now. Both the entry level 3.6L V6 engine and the high-end Hemi V8 are simply sublime with their offering.

3. Honda CR-V
The CR-V is regarded as the best compact SUV in the world due to its practicality and reliability. In addition to that, the CR-V is really affordable to own.

4. Kia Sedona
While not exactly a pure SUV, the Sedona is simply the best mini-van from last year. The 3.3L V6 engine on the Sedona develops 276hp and it ensures a smooth drive at all times.

5. Chevrolet Colorado
Of course, the Colorado is no SUV but if it does come with a covered bed, then it does puts the Colorado into the realm of crossovers. There is no denying that the Colorado is affordable, stylish and durable.

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