The 2016 Cadillac EXT Design May Go Retro and Blow Chevy Colorado and Ford F150 Away

The Ford F-150 along with the Chevy Colorado are two vehicles that have done well on the market since they arrived. But there is plenty of room left over for niche pick-up trucks such as the Cadillac EXT.

The Cadillac EXT has always been something of the odd one out with the base of the Colorado. However recently, some people in Russia decided to take the truck and chop it up and take it back to its 122 year old roots and give it a retro look.

If we do get to see the 2016 Cadillac EXT with the retro look it could appeal to those who are not looking for all the ground clearance offered with trucks such as the Ford-F150. It may become just as iconic as the Jeep Wrangler.

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