Apple iPhone 5S: Is It Time To Retire?

Some people have said that the Apple iPhone 5S is one of the best iPhones to have come from Apple so far. It has a great design and the size is perfect, while the newer iPhones have a design that is rounder and they are larger. But is an older device worth keeping?

When considering sticking with an older phone such as the Apple iPhone 5S you do have to take into account that support for the device will stop at some point. Of course just because the device is no longer supported it doesn’t mean that you cannot still use it.

The battery of an older device such as the Apple iPhone 5S is going to give up at some point in time of course and if you want to keep your old device you will have to pay out around $80 for a new battery if you get one from Apple. You might also find that developers update apps for newer handsets and so some may stop working on the older ones.

Basically when it comes down to it you should have the handset that you are happy with and which you like. If that happens to be the Apple iPhone 5S or an even older device, providing it does what you want, there is no reason not to hang onto it.

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