Mini Countryman 7-Seater, Lamborghini SUV & Other Crazy Concepts

What would you do if you like two different vehicles from two different segments? The answer is simple and it is through fusing both vehicles into one.

CarWow did just that when the unveiled some interestingly weird concepts on their website in the form of a list. Among the weirdest of them all which we find particularly disturbing is the 7-seater Mini Countryman.

It’s simple. The concept designer took the classy Countryman looks and morphed it together with a Hummer. The result is a large vehicle that has the front and tail of the Countryman and the boxy cabin of a hummer. The concept designer calls it a HUMI.

The other disturbing vehicle is a fused Lamborghini Aventador and a Range Rover. Imagine a large SUV that comes with the front sporty designs of the Range Rover. The designer did a great job in changing the headlamps to that of the Range Rover. The concept is known as the Rangerini.

Of course, there are many other crazy concepts like the Aston Smartin which is the Aston Martin, blended with the SMART. It is unsure if they are all a product of the epic series, Will It Blend?

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