Is The Eminem Cadillac Concept Car Giveaway On Facebook For Real?

There is a big buzz going on over at Facebook after a viral post has been doing the rounds, giving users the opportunity to win the Cadillac Concept car from Eminem. Well, it is time to ignore this opportunity as it is identified as a hoax.

For starters, there is no point in giving away a car that can’t be registered since it is classified as a concept model. Then, there is the giveaway which started at Eminem’s fans Facebook page. To be precise, the fan-page is not the official one and it only boasts 622,000 Likes. If there is a promotion going on, Eminem will surely share it at the official fan page where there are 97 million Likes.

The biggest blow is with the contest’s grammar. For a giveaway this huge, it gets a lot of scrutiny for poor grammars and lack of bombastic promotional words that are commonly used on major marketing campaigns.

To seal the contest as a hoax, we have contacted Cadillac and it confirms that there is no such thing happening at all. The learning lesson here is to not believe anything or everything you see in the internet without carefully interpreting the information.

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