How The Next-Gen Toyota Supra Can Utilize BMW’s Resources

Toyota is in a cross-venture with BMW to produce future performance vehicles and the partnership teases on the coming of a future Supra. The next-gen sports car can be revolutionary if it is to make full use of BMW’s resources.

We gave this a long thought after hearing on the development of the next-gen Supra and realized that the potential with the vehicle.

Toyota can simply use their experience with the 2JZ and also BMW’s lightweight materials to create a revolutionary engine. Together with an aluminium block, aluminum head, integrated exhaust in the head and throttleless valvetronic actuation, the next-gen 2JZ engine can weigh 30% less thus producing 450hp and 400ft-lbs easily.

Of course, this is merely a possibility but the chances for Toyota to stick with the 2JZ are slim. All signs are suggesting Toyota to rely on a BMW-developed engine.

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