Future Toyota Supra Is A German In A Japanese Shell?

It is no secret that Toyota is now in a cross-venture with BMW to produce performance vehicles together. While neither carmaker has yet to make any announcement on the future performance cars they are going to produce, the rumours are strong in claiming that a new Supra is in creation.

If so, then there is a chance for the next-gen Supra to run on a BMW-built engine. The word is that the next-gen Supra is to run on the same engine that will be powering the next-gen BMW Z4. It will be an inline-six with forced induction.

The chances for the Toyota Supra to come with a hybrid powertrain are slim to none. Perhaps, the energy saving project is meant for a different car that both BMW and Toyota might produce together.

Of course, the above is based on rumours and they are best taken with a pinch of salt. We can expect BMW and Toyota to spill more beans in the near future to come.

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