Ford: No Fiesta RS For You

Sorry to those who are patiently waiting for Ford Fiesta RS, but Ford has made its final decision that they are not going to come out with the RS version of its Fiesta. The news was revealed by Ford Performance’s global chief engineer, Jamal Hameedi. He further told ‘Drive; that it would be tough to construct the series production of Ford Fiesta RS.

But do not be upset, you can improve your Ford Fiesta through high-quality aftermarket car part brands, for example, from the well-known companies that offer intake systems tuning such as K&N or SPECTRE.

Future products need to be regarded with a global market perspective in mind. With Ford Fiesta RS’s limited appeal and purview, it would fall into that line of thinking.

Ford has made a lot of discussion of whether they will gain a lot of customers with Ford Fiesta RS. It would be a hit in Europe, and their die-hard fans would go for it, but Ford wants to focus on projects that they feel will have a more global reach.

Hameedi further reveals that Ford is aiming at producing a performance SUV, giving a hint that a ST variant of the C520 Kuga may be on its way. He is confident that there is a high market for the ST than the RS crossover.

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