2017 Honda Pilot Looks May Fall Far From Recently Designed CR-V

What do you think of the new Honda Pilot? The crossover is now more reliable and spacious, giving you and your family a more comfortable ride.

What’s more, for 2016 Honda welcomes the Black Edition: 2016 Honda Pilot. It may look like other ordinary Honda Pilot, expect for its gratifying Honda accessories. The special edition is a perfect car for those who like black, and the lower and rear bumper trim, door trim, black-painted whees, window trim, grille, fog lights and door handle are all Honda parts.

Since Honda is coming out with the next Honda Ridgeline pickup off-series soon, Honda settles for the Honda Pilot three-row crossover as a support vehicle. The Honda Pilot is not really a great off-road vehicle, so the Japanese carmaker opts for bigger tires, racing-support livery, and bright nighttime running lights.

As for the design, the new Honda Pilot runs away from the recently designed Honda CR-V look. So, people won’t have any trouble trying to differentiate between these two.

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