2016 VW Golf R Facelift: Re-Living The Glories From The Past

Come next year, the Volkswagen Golf R will be refreshed with a facelift model but car junkies don’t have to wait until then just to get a better idea on how the vehicle will be made to appear like.

This is because VW has already confirmed that the Golf R Facelift will be based on the concept Golf model that was unveiled at last year’s Beijing Auto Show. The previous concept was built to restore the spirit of the 1989 Golf Rally and it is painted in lemon yellow.

With the Golf R Facelift being based on the concept, VW fans can look forward to seeing a car that wears bright yellow colour too. The vehicle will drive on the Haldex 5 AWD system while being powered by a 2.3L turbocharged engine mated to a7-speed DSG transmission.

In figures, the Golf R Facelift is expected to come with 292hp while getting the ability to sprint from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds. Once the Golf R gets released, the vehicle is surely going to go in direct competition with the upcoming Ford Focus RS.

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