2016 VW Golf R: 2L Motor Overpowered?

Volkswagen has confirmed that a new Golf R is coming out next year and the sports hatch is going to be based on the Golf concept model that was seen at the last Beijing Auto Show.

Many rumours have indicated that the Golf R is going to restore the spirit of the 1989 Rally Golf so there is a huge chance for the upcoming hatch to come with a yellow paintjob.

As for the engine, the rumours are back again and they are tipping that a 2L turbocharged engine will be used to tow the vehicle. The extraordinary bit is that the engine will be tuned to offer a whopping 400PS.

It is said that the 400PS is like a minimum requirement for the upcoming Golf R and Volkswagen is actually aiming for 420PS. If so, then Volkswagen will also be replacing the gearbox on the upcoming Golf R entirely.

This is because the 7-speed DSG transmission won’t be strong enough to handle the huge power output. Perhaps, the Golf R is going to come with a 6-speed manual gearbox which is more fitting.

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