2016 Shelby Mustang: Sticking To Tradition

Shelby is currently tuning the upcoming Ford Mustang GT350 and the sports car is due to arrive in 2016. Yesterday, an image of the car’s interior was leaked online and it confirms that Shelby is sticking to a traditional manual gearbox system for the sports car.

The choice of a manual transmission will certainly compliment the car well as it ensures a limitless performance and a thrilling driving experience. Most sports cars today relies on dual-clutch system which is great but not as fun when driving a pure manual.

Looking back at the leak image, car junkies are probably wondering on the big red button resting behind the steering wheel. Well, there is no need to be intrigued by it as the red button is merely a testing tool and it won’t be in Mustang GT350.

Aside from all that, it is disappointing to learn that the overall interior looks dull. The black-theme looks lifeless. Who knows? Things might change if picked up with the technology package.

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