2016 Lexus RX SUV: Lighter Is better

Lexus has already confirmed that the upcoming RX350 and RX450 Facelift will be featuring aluminium for its framework and the move is aimed at dragging the weight of the future luxury SUV down.

After all, a lighter curb weight will lead to better power output and also a more fuel efficient RX SUV. Then again, the application of aluminium on the Lexus RX Facelift’s hood, tailgate and closures does sound worrying as there is a chance for the vehicle to be less durable than before.

Well, car junkies can ease their worries as Lexus has already confirmed that the aluminium is engineered to be as strong as conventional metals. Now, it seems that the only flaw with the Lexus RX Facelift is with its design that needs to get toned down.


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