2016 Lexus RX Facelift: Power & Fuel Efficiency Co-Exists!

The upcoming RX Facelift is going to be Lexus first ever vehicle that is built with aluminium. The luxury automaker has already shared that the RX Facelift is going to come with aluminium hood, tailgate and closures.

Lexus also revealed that the use of aluminium comes with the sole purpose of dragging the weight of the RX Facelift down. This can only mean well for the SUV since the RX Facelift will be able to offer better fuel efficiency and greater power output.

Then again, this has got many worried that the use of aluminium will make the RX Facelift less durable than before. Lexus responded to this by claiming that the aluminium used is engineered in the highest order and this makes it stronger than conventional metals.

Of course, Lexus has yet to share the improvements in figures so there is no telling for sure on how great the RX Facelift is going to be. We expect more on this to come to light in the coming months, when Lexus fully unveils the RX Facelift.


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