2016 Ford Focus RS: No Love Lost For The US

Being an American carmaker, it is only right for Ford to launch the Focus RS in this great nation but the rumours are indicating otherwise.

The word is that the next-gen Ford Focus RS is going to miss out getting released on its home field due to the availability of the EcoBoost-powered Lincoln MKC and also the Mustang. In other words, the rumours are claiming that having the Focus RS here in the US will be bad for business.

Well, that is the mistake made by the rumours and it is also why Focus fans shouldn’t be bothered by it. Ford is not a 100% money-driven company. They still have some passion left in them and being one of America’s finest companies, the Focus RS will enjoy a home debut indefinitely.

Besides, not launching the Focus RS here in the US will only hurt Ford’s image and the carmaker wouldn’t want that at all. The Focus RS will be making its debut later this year and it will look to compete with the Volkswagen Golf and the Honda Civic Type-R.

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