2015 Toyota Hilux: A Majestic Pickup Truck In The Works

This year will see the release of an all-new Toyota Hilux and it is the next big thing to come from the Japanese car manufacturer. By big, we meant it literally and figuratively.

This is because the next-gen Hilux is injected with American pickup truck DNA that will make it larger, bolder and obviously muscular. Pickup truck fans can look forward to seeing a Hilux with an extremely large grille, more angular headlights and stylish creases on the hood.

Also, the next-gen Hilux is going to come with the latest driving technologies as a standard. The interior will be redesigned to cater the new additions like a sophisticated infotainment system, adaptive cruise control and many more.

In terms of power, word has it that the Hilux will come with three different engine options for the consumers to choose from. They are the 2.5L diesel, the 3L diesel and the 4L V6 engines. Despite their large capacities, every engine will be tuned in a manner that will make the Hilux both fuel savvy and powerful at the same time.

With that being said, there are a lot of promises with the upcoming Hilux and we can’t wait to see it making its debut here in the US. The Hilux will look to challenge the Chevrolet Colorado the moment it gets released.


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