2015 Porsche Panamera ST Confirmed: Definitely Better Looking Than Predecessor [PICS]

If you are to view the embedded video above, you will witness the next big thing to come from Porsche and it is the Panamera ST. The vehicle was confirmed for production last week and it will rectify the design errors of the previous model.

Also, the confirmation of the Porsche Panamera ST also means that the rumours are wrong in suggesting the vehicle to be a 4-door convertible. Porsche believe that having a bullet-back Panamera ST will be more practical than seeing the vehicle having an open top.

Very true indeed, the Porsche Panamera ST does look enticing but on the other hand, it also looks a lot like the Macan. One can easily notice many features from the Macan being brought over to the ST like the creases and boomerang headlights. It can easily be said that the Panamera ST is basically the Macan morphed into a sportsback.

Nevertheless, the new Panamera ST will be welcomed by everyone as it does allow the masses to forget about the old and ugly Panamera. The vehicle looks set to make its debut later this year but nobody has a clue on when that may happen.

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