2015 Honda HRV Crossover Fit: Weird Combination Completes Splendid Design

Honda has a funny way in building the HRV Crossover Fit. The Japanese carmaker has already made it known that they wish or the HRV Crossover Fit to look like a 2-door coupe, sized like the Fit and designed like the HRV.

Well, Honda did just that as the HRV Crossover Fit came out with a 2-door coupe design. While, the hatchback has 4-doors to offer, Honda did a fine job in hiding the rear 2 doors, together with their handles.

To make it the HRV Crossover Fit appears more like a coupe, Honda has equipped it with a sloping roof line. The overall appearance simply looks splendid but this comes at the cost of comfort.

Apparently, the rear passenger head room and shoulder room are now smaller when compared to the original Honda Fit. However, the rear passenger leg room is able to remain identical to the latter but this was made possible through shrinking the cargo space.

Honda has confirmed that the HRV Crossover Fit will be offered with a CVT transmission as a standard but there will also be an option for a 6-speed manual. The car is expected to weigh at 2100lbs and prices for the hatchback will start at $16,000 once it gets released.

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