2015 Ford Mustang GT350: Insane Rendering Got Everyone Excited

Rumours are rife in indicating that a new Mustang GT350 will get released at the end of this year but Ford has yet to shed any light on the matter. Even the Mustang lovers are clueless on how the next-gen GT350 will look like.

However, if is up to the fans, they would really like the Mustang GT350 to come out looking like the concept rendering made by JCDesign. The independent artist’s visualization of the future car simply looks gorgeous and it appeals to every auto sport lovers.

In detail, the concept art shows the Mustang having an ultra-lowered stance with an insane sporty bodykit that is completed with tons of air vents, lines and a large spoiler. The icing on the cake is with the rims which are made to appear like the wheels on a Lamborghini.

Unfortunately, the concept design is fan made so there is no way for Ford to produce the Mustang GT350 like the visualization.

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