2015 Ford F150: Is Ford Building Or Breeding It?

Ever wondered how cars are built? A simple trip to a workshop confirms that building a car requires a lot of firepower and noise. Well, this is not the case for Ford when they are producing the upcoming F-150 pickup truck.

It seems that the carmaker has eliminated the need for noisy clinging, welding and banging to develop the Ford F-150. This is made possible since the vehicle comes with an aluminium structure.

Ford is definitely pleased with this accomplishment and has taken a step further by pumping in billions of dollars so that more of its plants can attain the same standard. Without the need of welding, employees can work closely and safely with the robots. Also, this ensures that the facility will have a clean and spacious appearance.

So how is Ford able to create a vehicle without the need of welding? The American carmaker explained that they used suction cups to shape the aluminium. It works in a similar fashion to magnets and clamps for steel transportation.

Of course, welding is not entirely eliminated from the equation. Ford revealed that they use 500 new robots that are smaller, lighter and more efficient. These robots utilize laser welding techniques to craft the F-150.

All in all, it is amazing on how Ford is developing the F-150. It is also for certain that the workers are enjoying the peaceful working environment, which is rare to come by in the automotive industry.


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