2015 Ford Bronco Won’t Be Known As The Bronco

Following the release of the Ford T4 Troller over in South America, many rumours are tipping the vehicle to arrive here in the US next year. There is a lot of love for the Troller since it carries a lot of characteristics of the old Ford Bronco.

Many believe that the Troller is the next-gen Bronco but rebranded to leave the ghost of the past behind. The word is that the Troller is currently being developed by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team.

However, the American Troller won’t be anything like the ones in South America. This upcoming ‘Bronco’ will be based on the new Ford Atlas and will come equipped with a 360-degree feature to ease parking and manoeuvring around tight spots.

Then again, that is all what the rumours are buzzing about. The Bronco was considered a legend back in the 90s and if the above is true, it will look to be a success in the 2010s.


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