Fallout 4 & Half Life 3 Announcement Bound To Happen!

There are many great gaming series in the world right now but only few can rival the likes of Fallout and Half Life. Both franchises are subject to get a sequel for years now but even today, no confirmation has been made by their respective producers.

Fallout fans, in particular, have never stopped calling Bethesda out to confirm on Fallout 4. After all, it has been like 4 years since Fallout New Vegas got released and it is about time for the franchise to continue with a new sequel.

Then there are the Half Life fans that are heavily anticipating Valve to at least tease on Half Life 3. The fans are clearly tired after having waited for more than a decade in hopes of playing Half Life 3.

Other gamers might wonder on why the aforementioned fans are desperate for something unconfirmed. Well, the answer is simple. Both franchises are massive and they truly deserve a sequel to continue on the rich storyline that has built up.

Furthermore, Fallout 4 and Half Life 3’s popularity is simply off the roof which can only mean profits for both Bethesda and Valve.

With that being said, the fans are confident that both game developers will eventually develop Fallout 4 and Half Life 3. Both titles are simply the best money-making games which Bethesda and Valve will surely tap on.

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