2015 Ford Bronco & Troller: Clearing The Confusion

Rumours have been very consistent in claiming that the Ford Bronco will get refreshed with an all-new model and it will be known as the Ford Troller. The funny thing is that, the Bronco and the Troller are actually two different vehicles.

The former was one of the most popular vehicles from the mid-90s but it failed to make it into the millennium. The Troller, on the other hand, is the latest pickup truck that was released by Ford to the South American market late last year.

Perhaps, the rumours decided to add the Troller in the mix because it shares many similarities and characteristics with the old Bronco. Whatever the reason may be, our market research team still believes that there is no Bronco coming but on the Ford Troller.

The latter is going to make its debut later this year and it is going to be literally huge. As such, consumers can look forward to seeing the Troller coming with accommodating technologies like a 360-degrees camera.

Of course, Ford has yet to share a specific date for the Ford Troller. Regardless, car junkies can look forward to more spills in the coming months.

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