2015 Ford Bronco: Old Design Coming New

The rumours are rife in suggesting that Ford is producing the next-gen Bronco. The latter was a highly popular pickup truck from the mid-90s but its production was discontinued by the start of the second millennium.

If the rumours are right, then the Bronco will be making its return this year. However, it will be coming with a different name and that is the Troller. Regardless of that, this upcoming pickup truck is said to be powered by either the 3.5L EcoBoost engine or the 4.5L diesel engine. Similarly, there will be two transmission options with the Bronco and they are the 6-speed manual and the 6-speed automatic.

Aside from that, many car junkies are probably wondering on how the next-gen Bronco will look like. Well, even when the vehicle is coming this year, it will sport a classy design language that is based on the last Bronco concept seen back in 2004.

While it all sounds exciting, it is best to take this with a pinch of salt. After all, rumours of the Bronco have never been spot on in the past and being hopeful can lead to disappointment.


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