2015 Ford Bronco: It Is Not Coming

Rumours are rife in suggesting that the Ford is producing the Troller for the US market and it is actually the old Ford Bronco being recreated. Well, the rumours are half-right. It is true that the Troller is getting produced but nothing about it being the Bronco is right.

This is confirmed after Ford addressed the wild speculations on the Bronco by claiming that there is insufficient demand for the old pickup truck and recreating the Bronco will only cause more problems. The fact that Ford does not specifically mention the Bronco or relate anything to the vehicle makes it more likely that the rumours are wrong.

With that being said, the Bronco don’t look like coming at all and will continue to remain in the history books as one of the best pickup trucks around. The Bronco was discontinued back in the mid-90s and it doesn’t look like returning.


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