2015 Chevy Colorado Review: A Deceptive Price Tag

The latest Chevrolet Colorado is without a doubt the best pickup truck in the market today. Ever since it was launched back in Q4 last year, the Colorado has been the bestselling vehicle here in the US.

This is simply because of the fact that the Chevrolet Colorado is stylish, reliable, dependable, fuel efficient and powerful at the same time. However, it is wrong to think of the Colorado as a cheap vehicle to own.

The entry level model came out with a price tag of $20,995 and offers consumers project beam headlights with LED accents, aluminium wheels and a three-seating arrangement. Obviously, this isn’t enough for an average consumer.

A decent build Colorado should come with 4-doors and powered by the 3.6L V8 engine. This develops 305hp and 269ft-lbs of torque while being driven on a 6-speed automatic transmission. Such a rig returns 17mpg on city driving and 24mpg on highways.

Then again, the decent Colorado is not cheap to own. The vehicle is quoted with a price tag of $35,235 at the online configurator application, which makes it quite expensive. Heck, the model cost about $15,000 more than the $20,995 entry level Colorado and this is not even the top-of-the-range model.

With that being said, consumers should be wary over the fact that the Colorado is not a cheap pickup truck to own. For that same amount of money, we are pretty sure that consumers can get more with the upcoming Ford F-150 and the future Toyota Hilux.

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