2015 Chevy Colorado And The Craze It Created

What is there not to like about the latest Chevrolet Colorado? It is fast, powerful, super stylish and more importantly, a massive fuel saver. The mid-size pickup truck can also make a great commercial vehicle.

With that being said, it is no wonder why a vast majority of Americans are showing a lot of interest for the Colorado. This has also forced Chevrolet to start a hiring spree as they require the manpower to aid in producing the pickup truck to meet the supply demand balance.

The Colorado is also very affordable to own. The entry level model retails at around the $20,000 mark and consumers can also customize it to tailor fit the truck to their needs. Regardless of the trim levels, the Colorado returns about 3 to 5mpg more fuel efficient than other pickup trucks in the segment.

To complete the package, the Colorado comes with a hot design that is muscular and pretty. The blend of curves and boxes ensures that the Colorado is a super pretty ride.

All in all, the Chevrolet Colorado is definitely a revolutionary truck that has enjoyed a massive launch success. It can be described as the iPhone of cars with the entire nation going crazy for it.

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