2015 Acura TLX Review: Nice Try But Not Good Enough

The latest Acura TLX might be a great luxury car overall but it failed to capture the passion of car junkies worldwide. The TLX isn’t like a Ferrari or a Mercedes where people go out and express their desire for it.

Regardless, none can deny that the TLX is a decent and satisfying car. It also offers an exceptional performance with the V6 engine that operates on the FWD system. Furthermore, the TLX is completed with tons of features like safety and infotainment gadgets.

With that being said, what could be the TLX shortcoming? Well the answer is with the gearbox. The 9-speed regular automatic transmission is simple not on par with the engine displacement. With 290hp in hand, the TLX should run on the 8-speed dual-clutch that is paired to Acura’s SH-AWD technology.

As such, the Acura TLX is nothing really special nor is it bad at all. Acura will have to work on this front if they wish to taste success in the luxury market.


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