2014 Ford Fiesta ST: Fuel Mileage Inaccuracy Now With A Simple Fix

Many owners of the latest Ford Fiesta ST are reporting that their vehicle is no long fuel efficient. Of course, this is if the MPG meter is referred to. The owners claim that they don’t feel any financial change with the running cost of the Fiesta ST.

This has got the owners confused as they claim that when averaging at 26MPG instead of 31MPG, they are supposed to spend more on petrol. However, it didn’t happen and it is causing a lot of confusion.

Well, this cannot be helped as the issue is actually with the Fiesta ST’s fuel mileage meter. Apparently, the meter loses accuracy overtime but there is a very simple fix for it.

All Fiesta owners have to do is click on the mileage button once and it will reset every digital counter, including the MPG meter. Upon doing so, owners will see their Fiesta ST returning to the average consumption of 31MPG.

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