2010 Honda CR-V: Oil Binge Drinking Is A Worry!

Honda became the centre of a buzz earlier today when they announced on the possibility of extending the warranty for the CR-V.

In detail, Honda claims that the CR-V that is produced in 2010 and 2011 may begin to experience higher than normal fuel consumption. It is also understood that the culprit lies with low-quality gasoline.

When owners pump the cheapest gasoline around and revved the CR-V hard while it is still cold, it will lead to carbon deposits on the piston ring. Obviously, this will affect the efficiency of the car since the rings is the gateway for engine oil to flow through.

As such, Honda has taken the initiative to extend the warranty period of the CR-V to 8 years or 125,000 miles from the original purchase date.

Owners of the Honda CR-V can test out their gas mileage in between periods. If there are signs of increments in the average fuel consumption, they are advised to take the vehicle down to the nearest Honda service centre for a free fixing.

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