There’s a reason why 2.25% of young people own a Jeep. At this point, the iconic vehicle has become synonymous with rugged adventure. However, the reality is that a store-bought Jeep likely won’t be able to handle the rough conditions found in the great outdoors.

If you’re serious about taking your car off-roading, then you must modify it properly. So, what are the most important types of Jeep modifications? If you’re looking for a simple guide to Jeep mods, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about enhancing the performance capabilities of this great vehicle. In addition, we have a number of useful articles about: the Gladiator side steps and Wrangler running boards, Jeep Gladiator tonneau covers, Wrangler floor mats and many others. Let’s get started!

More Clearance Can Help You Overcome Obstacles

If you want your Jeep to be able to absorb the blows that come with navigating tough terrain, then the first thing you should focus on is clearance. The good news is that you don’t need a ton of clearance to see a noticeable change.

For example, a small leveling kit that adds one to two inches is all you need. Just this small change will help you clear larger obstacles. It will also allow you to drive through tough services like mud or sand.

Going Off-Road? Invest in Bigger Tires

Investing in more clearance is a good first step. However, the raised clearance will only protect the underbody of your Jeep. That means that the axles on your vehicles will still be exposed to potential danger on rough terrain.

The solution? Bigger tires. Larger size helps increase your ground clearance even more. If you want a simple vehicle procedure that only requires minimal changes, then switch to a thirty-three-inch tire.

However, if you want a thirty-five-inch tire, then you will need to first lift your undercarriage clearance by two in a half inches. Similarly, a thirty-seven-inch tire will require four or more inches of undercarriage clearance. So, you will need to adjust the level of suspension as you continue to increase tire size.

Driving Through Water? Look For Aftermarket Snorkels

Once you raise your Jeep’s clearance level, then you can begin adding modifications that deal with more specific types of terrain that you’ll encounter. For example, let’s say you want to drive through beaches, creeks, or similar small bodies of water.

If you plan on doing this, then it’s important to add an aftermarket snorkel to your Jeep. This is an important modification that elevates the air intake of the vehicle. Doing so prevents water from entering the engine of the Jeep and causing extensive damage.

Steel Bumpers Offer a Higher Degree of Protection

If you plan on driving around rocky or mountainous terrain, then you’ll want a Jeep that can take a beating. The vehicle type is already pretty durable.

But, when you’re driving on these types of hard surfaces, then it’s easy for your bumper to quickly get worn down and destroyed. When your bumper goes it’s not uncommon for damage to occur to other major systems.

The solution is a new set of steel bumpers. Not only can this type of material take a hit, but it will also marginally raise the clearance level of your Jeep. Depending on your needs you can find either full-range bumpers or short and stubby ones. One of the most durable option is EAG bumpers.

The shorter ones are ideal if you’re trying to make your Jeep reach a certain weight level.

Upgrade Your Distributor For Better Performance

Sadly, many of the early Jeep distributors come with serious problems. Typically, if you push your Jeep’s distributor too hard then it can lead to many ignition-related problems.

If left unattended, then this can eventually cause lots of random stalling. As such, we recommend investing in a high-performance distributor for your vehicle. Not only will this reduce the amount of ignition-related problems you have, but it will also significantly improve your vehicle’s performance.

If you need a suggestion for a part, then you can’t go wrong with the Jeep/AMC 6-cylinder Performance Distributor. The advanced vacuum system on this model helps negate many of the problems that come with the factory-installed distributors.

Want to Navigate Dangerous Trails? Look For a Winch Modification

If you’re driving through sand, mud, or snow, then inevitably you will get your vehicle stuck. At its best, this can be extremely inconvenient. At its worst, it can put you in a potentially dangerous situation.

This is especially true if you’re driving around remote areas that don’t have easy access to a towing truck. As such, installing a winch on your Jeep is an ideal way to break out of these types of situations.

Your winch is installed on the front of the vehicle. Then, when you get stuck it allows you to wrap it around a tree or rock. This gives your Jeep some leverage to get unstuck from sticky situations.

There are lots of different options out there. However, if you need a good entry-level one, then you can’t go wrong with the 9,000 pounds Engo.

Enjoy Learning About Jeep Modifications? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn more about what types of Jeep modifications are right for your vehicle. As you can see, vehicle modifications can quickly become Pandora’s box of decisions.

However, as long as you keep it simple, then you should have no problem tackling more difficult driving conditions. To do this break the modifications into clear-cut phases.

Then, gradually begin working through them. Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep exploring to find more content that you’re sure to love.

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