Verizon Motorola DROID 5: Is It Going To Happen?

Over the past decade, Motorola has managed to overcome the fast changing times and adapt to the current market trend. Ever since the market shifted to touchscreen smartphones, Motorola has been there making a name for itself.

Despite that fact, many have missed the Motorola Droid series. The touchscreen phones have dominated every corner of the world. Those smartphones from the past that relied on physical keypads or keyboards are out of favour and rare to come by, but when it comes to Motorola Droid, many wouldn’t mind getting it.

The Droid series have been around for a long time, offering users a smartphone experience with a physical keyboard. It is 2014 now and there have been plenty of talks on a possible Droid 5 coming our way. If Motorola is planning to unleash the Droid 5, they better come up with something special to make some earnings. Finding the right balance to create a high-end smartphone with a physical keyboard can be a challenge but if executed with precision, there is a high chance for it to be one of the most wanted devices.

Previously, Droid has proved to be a success. That wasn’t the case with Droid 2 where consumers felt that it was too big and bulky. Taking these into account, the Droid 5 should have an appropriate size. On the other hand, there is no way Motorola is going to settle for something less than a 4inch screen.

If the stage is set as it was rumoured to be, then we might see the Droid 5 coming on this year’s MWC. It will take place next month. The Droid 5 is expected to arrive with a 720p display on Jellybean 4.1. Other known specs are 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 2300mAh capacity battery.

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