PS4 Pro Infamous: Second Son & First Lights Won’t Get Framerate Treatment

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Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Lights developers have announced that they are not going to change the framerate of the game when the Playstation 4 Pro version arrives. That means the PS4 Pro version of Second Son and First Lights will run at 30fps.

Some might argue and say that the game does run at 60fps but the fact is that it runs an unlocked framerate that might jump to 60 fps but it usually runs at 35 to 40fps when unlocked.

Although it will be running at 30 fps, the developer will still be upgrading the resolution and the game will still have better effects that the standard version but just don’t expect to see a jump in framerate.

We do not know if this is going to be the norm for the other games as well but we hope not. What is the purpose of getting a powerful console if you can’t really push it to the max?