Pokemon X & Y Reveals More Bugs Down Under

There were two more glitches found after the Mystery Eggs glitch and Litleo Pokemon texture glitch on the Pokemon X and Y game.

On the fifth chapter, you would encounter the Stolen Pokeball glitch, to be exact, you would encounter this glitch while doing the Looker Agency missions. There is a room in the Secret Lab of Lysandre Lab. In the upper left of the room is a table where two stolen Poke Balls should be. However, you will not be able to see them and when you interact with the table on its right or even sit down at the table, a message saying “It’s someone’s Poke Ball” would appear. This glitch would disappear when you finish the chapter though.

There were Bad Eggs in the Global Trade Station. The Global Trade Station was said to be a better trading place compared to the Wonder Trade. Now that there had been Bad Eggs in the GTS, it seems like gamers would face the same risks in both venue. The Mystery Eggs would also infect your existing Pokemons as well. Up until today, there is no way to prevent yourselves from getting the Bad Eggs or how to prevent your other Pokemon from getting infected.

And for those who are staying in Australia, there will be a Pokemon X and Y tournament o the 9th of November. This tournament was announced by PokeMelbourne on their official Facebook page. This would be the first Pokemon X and Y tournament for this year. There will be 3 basic rules for this tournament. First, you need to participate in double battles. Second, the battles would be conducted via Infrared and the last one is you can only use original Kalos Pokedex only which means you can only use Pokemon from the Coastal, Central and Mountain Pokedex. This includes Pokemons you caught in the Friend Safari but they need to be originating from the Kalos Pokedex.

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