Pokemon Go: LG G4 Can’t Handle The Heat

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To play the popular game Pokemon Go, you will need to turn on your GPS as well as WiFi besides running the game and it looks like the LG G4 just can’t handle it all at the same time.

Ever since the app was released, some LG G4 has stepped out to report that their handphone would overheat after playing the game for less than an hour. Some users even reported that the device got so hot that a warning notice would pop up warning the user about the phone getting too hot.

Even when the smartphone does not heat up, some users reported that the app would lag. A lot of users are also having trouble throwing the Pokemon at Pokemon that are further away on the screen. The screen just does not seem to be responding very well in the game.

With the kind of specs the G4 has, problems like this should not exist. Any of LG G4 users experiencing the same problem here?